ContactsLaw comes to Sydney

ContactsLaw Software Development Manager visits Sydney

ContactsLaw has been nominated for the InfoTrack Client Centricity Awards 2016. These prestigious awards recognise excellence in client services and customer experience in the legal and accounting industries.

ContactsLaw Software Development Manager Bradley Smith will be in Sydney for the awards ceremony in Sydney on Thursday, 28th July 2016 and will be available to meet with customers and interested law firms around this time.

ContactsLaw is revolutionary legal practice management software, designed by lawyers and developed by IT professionals embedded within an Australian law firm. Leveraging Microsoft® technologies, it unites CRM, documents, matters and accounting into a total practice solution.

Bradley has led the software development team at ContactsLaw for ten years and has overseen the design and implementation of ContactsLaw almost from its inception. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the product and will be happy to demonstrate particular features that may appeal to your business.

He has also worked closely with third party suppliers (such as InfoTrack) to seamlessly integrate their services with ContactsLaw, to ensure that disbursements are automatically captured and third party reports are easily imported.

One of the strengths of ContactsLaw is its commitment to tailoring software solutions to the needs of individual users. Many of its most innovative features have been inspired by suggestions from users. Brad will be keen to hear from you how the software can address the needs of your business if it does not already do so.

This is a rare opportunity for you and your colleagues to learn about the impressive capabilities of state of the art legal practice management software – not from a salesman, but from a software engineer in the forefront of his field.

Let Bradley show you how ContactsLaw enables your practice to better meet the needs of clients, while delivering cost savings, higher productivity and more effective collaboration between team members:

  • Effortlessly capture all billable time, including automatic journaling of telephone calls, recorded in 1-minute units for greater transparency and higher recovery during taxation.
  • Transition to fixed-price (product/solution-based) billing, tracking the performance of your pricing structures using comprehensive reports. Take advantage of the flexibility of upfront billing, variable quotes and discount incentives.
  • Streamline the way you do volume work (such as conveyancing and Wills) by combining bespoke document templates, interactive forms, tasks and business rules into a complete process model for each discipline of law you practise.
  • Shave hours off the time taken to produce discoveries and affidavits. Dedicated features automatically collate and number linked documents, generating a complete list of enclosures.
  • Simplify trust account audits by linking transactions to authorities and other related documents. ContactsLaw fully complies with the NSW Legal Profession Uniform General Rules 2015 in relation to trust accounting.
  • Take advantage of integration with online services and third-party systems (including InfoTrack) to order searches, lodge court documents, send bulk SMS messages and more. We are committed to the ongoing development of new features in response to feedback from our users.

Compatible digital or IP-based telephone system required. Refer to our website for more information.