Licence model


ContactsLaw is sold on the basis of a 5-year concurrent licensing model.

A licence entitles a user to access ContactsLaw from a particular workstation at a given point in time. Licences are not tied to a particular user account or workstation and multiple logins from the same account are permitted (however, each concurrent login uses up one of your available licences).

Licences are provisioned by a web service (operated by ContactsLaw), and validated by your application server. In order to use the software, your application server must periodically connect to the web service via the Internet.

Licences are sold in bundles; each bundle bears an expiry date upon which all licences in the bundle become invalid. A 30-day grace period applies, during which, ContactsLaw will continue to accept the invalidated licences (displaying a warning message). At the end of the grace period (or if any attempt is made to tamper with licences), the invalidated licences will be marked as ‘expired’.

In the absence of an available licence, or if all available licences are marked as ‘expired’, ContactsLaw will deny access to users upon startup.

Licences are non-transferable, except in the case of a practice merger or sale.

Existing customers may buy additional licences at the current market rate pro-rated for the balance of the term of their original licences.