Book a demonstration

You set the agenda

We want to show you how ContactsLaw can enable your business to take a quantum leap forward in productivity and service delivery. We’re confident that ContactsLaw can facilitate all of your firm’s daily operations. But we know it would take days (if not weeks) to demonstrate all of the features of the software.

So, we’ll give you the option of setting the agenda for the demonstration. Tell us which features of the software are of interest to your and we’ll focus on these.

Online sessions

  • Conducted via Webinar
  • Live video feed of the software
  • Interact by voice or text
  • Invite your colleagues
  • Watch a recording of the session at a later date

In-person sessions

  • See and interact with the software on our digital whiteboard
  • Meet our developers and power users
  • Complimentary morning¬†or afternoon tea

To book your session, call us on (08) 9220 4421