Client feedback

Easy to use

“Everything is easy to read and logically presented which saves time and makes the whole experience enjoyable.” – Sue Cox

“Even if you’re using a feature for the first time, you can usually navigate your way through in a logical manner.” – Tobias Young

“Journals are automatic, intuitive and smart – they’re organised so that certain journals override others. Automatic journals ensure that every minute is recorded.” – Jonathan Chong, Lawyer

“ContactsLaw helps me to identify the purpose of any particular payment by allowing supporting documents to be attached to payments.” – Gunanithi Nagarajah

Tobias Young

Tobias Young


Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Registry Manager

Creating documents

“I like creating my own templates. Documents can draw unlimited information from the ContactsLaw database.  The sky really is the limit!” – Jonathan Chong

“I save a lot of time generating routine documents. Creating an affidavit of discovery in as little as 15 minutes allows me more time to focus on the law.” – Tobias Young

Telephone integration

“When I receive calls the contact’s name immediately appears – it makes it very easy when I answer.” – Genevieve Melanie, Secretary

“I can have the client’s file at my fingertips when I take the call.” – Tobias Young

“Telephone journals are a simple and accurate way to record calls.” – Michael Christie, Lawyer

Managing tasks

“ContactsLaw allows me to send a document to a partner and receive comprehensive feedback on it without leaving my desk.” – Gregory Stockton, Legal Executive

“I like being able to send tasks to other members with important details attached.” – Stanley Kawalsky

“The future tasks feature eliminates the need for Calendar reminders and can be linked to documents or files.” – Lucy Dickens

Lucy Dickens

Lucy Dickens



“Support is always prompt, polite and helpful. Very impressive.” – Stanley Kawalsky

“The Overtech Wiki is a handy way to find information and get help.” – Lucy Dickens

Email and electronic files

“Not having to file unnecessary paper saves a lot of time.” – Tracy Ong, Records Manager

“It’s great to be able to look through all the documents on a file when a client calls me without needing to get up and find a physical file.” – Lucy Dickens

“It’s environmentally friendly. You can maintain an accurate correspondence pin without having to print every email and attachment that comes in.” – Tobias Young

Gunanithi Nagarajah

Gunanithi Nagarajah


Contact management

“Everything I need to know is maintained in one place. ContactsLaw lets me quickly and easily find and update a client’s contact details, which is much easier than having to dig up an old business card.” – Gregory Stockton, Legal Executive

“I store every piece of contact information I have on a person’s contact and know that it’ll be available to me later, even after the file has been archived.” – Scott Young, Legal Executive

“… organised and complete information about the client.” – Vivi Garcia, Secretary


“ContactsLaw makes billing timed and fixed-price services easy. A bill can be rendered with a couple of clicks of the mouse.” – Lucy Dickens

“I can’t imagine how frustrating and time-consuming it would be to render bills without it – ContactsLaw shows you your activities so you can decide what to bill, and there’s no further effort required.” – Scott Young, Legal Executive

Database search

“I type in a few words and ContactsLaw finds the document within seconds. It is much better and more environmentally friendly than rummaging through a bulky paper file for a single document.” – Gregory Stockton, Legal Executive

“ContactsLaw allows you to search by keywords, descriptions, names, contact details, parties and information on files, to name just a few!” – Lucy Dickens

“Find records quickly, even with minimal information.” – Sue Cox

My portal

“A one-stop shop for all the files I manage and all the things I need to do. I can easily prioritise tasks and assess my workload.” – Gregory Stockton, Legal Executive

“My Portal helps me to track my budget and manage my files effectively.” – Tobias Young