Be informed of developments with your matters

By choosing a law firm that uses ContactsLaw, you’ll be kept up-to-date with the progress of your matter(s); the ease with which a distribution list can be configured – combined with the integration between being informed of developments with your matters and distribution – ensures that there’s no excuse for not keeping you informed! It takes staff only seconds to e-mail you a copy of incoming documents as soon as they’re received… and if you’re not interested in receiving such frequent correspondence, you can easily opt out.

Benefits from fixed prices and quoted fees

As a client, the benefits of fixed-price billing are obvious; you have a clearer picture of the services you’re committing to, you reduce the risk of cost blow-outs and, in many cases, you will ultimately pay less than if the matter had been time-costed. If you choose a law firm that uses ContactsLaw, you’re more likely to be offered fixed-price legal solutions, and you can be confident that they will be delivered efficiently and to a high standard.

Receive bills that are easy to understand

Bills produced with ContactsLaw are designed to be simple, concise and easy to understand. A breakdown of the services rendered is displayed on the front page, including any account activity since your last bill; it’s easy to see what’s being charged and what must be paid. If you request an itemised bill, you can see the legal products that comprise the bill, along with the individual time records and fixed charges that contribute to their cost.

Save money with electronic files

Contrary to what some lawyers may tell you, embracing technology and moving away from traditional paper-based systems doesn’t equate to higher costs; in fact, photocopying and printing documents, occupying storage space and secure document destruction are all costs which law firms pass on to clients. If you choose a firm that uses ContactsLaw, both you and your lawyer will benefit from the cost savings associated with managing files electronically.

Spend less time waiting for documents

Firms that use ContactsLaw take a smarter approach to document production; instead of constantly reinventing the wheel, they pool together their collective expertise to produce dynamic, intelligent templates that dramatically cut authoring time. These templates evolve with the practice over time, and are built on tried & tested precedents. As a client, you benefit from this by spending less time waiting for documents, and less money on their production.

Get reports for your matter

As a system built on the principle of transparency, ContactsLaw makes it easy for your lawyer to keep you informed and share information about your matter. To that end, you can obtain reports of trust activity, disbursements incurred during the course of your matter, a full debtors ledger and much more. In addition, you can request copies of any bill, receipt, quote or other document previously sent to you; all of these can be quickly and easily reproduced and sent using ContactsLaw.

Find fewer mistakes!

Fundamentally, ContactsLaw rewards its users for taking the time to enter information once, and to enter it correctly. Through automation, dynamic templates and the core concept of the contact, the system ensures that this information never needs to be re-entered, and that it can be infinitely recalled and transformed as necessary. This approach drastically reduces the risk of the errors which normally stem from manually re-entering information in traditional systems. As a client, this translates to fewer mistakes on bills, documents and correspondence.