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Designed by practising Western Australian lawyers, ContactsLaw offers a one-stop solution for modern Australian law firms.

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Australian legal practice management software

Designed by practising Western Australian lawyers, ContactsLaw takes a whole-of-life approach, facilitating all day-to-day operations in a law firm. It replaces traditional document and matter management, accounting and billing systems, workflow and CRM, offering a single, centralised solution. 

Client Management

Capture contacts seamlessly

  • At the heart of ContactsLaw is the contact, bringing together everything useful about a business or natural person. Whether it’s a client, lead, creditor, court or even another law firm, ContactsLaw rewards you for capturing their details. Once recorded, you can use them to build documents, make telephone calls, schedule appointments and more – you simply add the contact and ContactsLaw does the rest.

Practice Management

Keep your team organised

  • Principals and practice managers have access to comprehensive, top-down management features including policies, permissions, CRM/marketing, performance statistics and financial reports. Team and departmental managers benefit from the same features, available under the specific areas of the practice they are responsible for.


Software to suit your business model

ContactsLaw offers a complete accounting solution and caters for time recording, fixed and value pricing.


ContactsLaw provides built-in general ledger and regulatory-compliant trust accounting functionality – including tailor-made payroll for law firms – there’s no need for a 3rd-party accounting package. The ability to link transactions to contacts, matters and documents provides additional checks and balances, as well as greatly simplifying audits


ContactsLaw drafts bills – drawing upon time records, fixed charges and disbursements. All you do is review and click “finalise”. Naturally, ContactsLaw takes care of any general and trust ledger transactions for you.

Microsoft Partner

Built on Microsoft Technology

  • ContactsLaw benefits from the latest .NET innovations and offers seamless interoperability with Windows and Office 365, drawing upon our 10+ years’ experience as a Microsoft Partner.
Only companies that demonstrate high levels of customer service, prove their experience and attain advanced certification receive the designation of Microsoft Partner.
Allison Watson
Vice President of Worldwide Partner sales and Marketing, Microsoft Corporation

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