IT managers

Built on current technology

ContactsLaw is designed for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2, and takes full advantage of Overtech’s commitment to keep up-to-date with current technology, while still maintaining compatibility with the most common software/hardware platforms. We’re also committed to ensuring that ContactsLaw works with current and upcoming versions of Microsoft business products, such as Office and SharePoint.

Built on the .NET Framework and Built on current technology, ContactsLaw does not rely on outdated or archaic software technology. It can be installed on any current Microsoft operating system without the need for additional software packages to be installed first.

By adopting agile software development processes – and developing with the languages which facilitate them – Overtech ensures that ContactsLaw can evolve and adapt quickly as the requirements of its users change and expand. Unlike legacy practice management systems, we don’t have to waste resources writing endless boilerplate code; we’re left to focus on accurately modelling business processes, building intuitive user interfaces and developing robust, reliable software.

Single software solution

By catering to all the needs of small-to-medium-sized law firms, ContactsLaw’s overwhelming advantage is that it is a single, complete software solution. Why buy separate packages for document management, accounting, CRM, payroll and billing when you can have one package that does everything?

With a single package, there’s no need to double-enter data or manually synchronise the records/balances between different systems. Everything is stored in the same format and every part of ContactsLaw communicates cohesively with the others. There are also substantial benefits in relation to training and support; your staff members only have to learn one system and there’s a single avenue for support.

Cohesive and tightly-integrated

ContactsLaw isn’t just a series of independent modules; from the ground-up, it’s been designed to capitalise on the potential for cohesion and self-integration. ContactsLaw is smarter than other practice management software for this reason.

For example: When you describe a document using contacts, you don’t just add the names of the contacts; you create a link between everything you know about the document and everything you know about the contacts. You can use properties of the contact to build a description for the document, or effortlessly contact any of the parties to the document.

Once you add a contact, file or document to an activity, ContactsLaw can draw upon information from those parts of the system to assist in completing the activity. This may come in the form of pre-filling details (e.g. stored financial details) or automatically performing actions based on known information (e.g. copying a document to the client). Either way, the cohesion of ContactsLaw’s components and its tight integration save you time, reduce errors and open up new possibilities.

Model business processes

A common complaint among IT managers is that software they deploy does not correctly model the business processes of the firm that uses it. This may be due to a number of reasons; the package may be too basic or lacking in flexibility. Software which is concerned only with data – without regard for people and processes – causes frustration and reflects poorly on those who configure and maintain it.

ContactsLaw is different; each activity is designed to support the entire business process surrounding the data it operates upon. You can configure a set of workflow steps that mirror the actions and people involved in each activity. By cloning/splitting activities, you can model variations of the same process. You can even add arbitrary steps to represent external processes, such as visiting a website.

Customisable to suit your needs

ContactsLaw isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it recognises that different firms operate by different methods, and provides a broad set of options to govern the behaviour of the system. When configuring ContactsLaw, you can control:

  • Accounting method (cash/accruals), periods, GST rate, reporting frequency
  • Working hours, days per week, pay cycle, employee benefits
  • Member categories, security groups, billing scales
  • Settings to reflect regulatory requirements
  • Geographical location, phone dialling rules
  • Custom passages of text appearing on system-generated reports
  • Correspondence preferences
  • Which CRM information is mandatory for contact/file creation
  • How your activities are named, displayed and arranged
  • Selections appearing in drop-downs and menus

…and much more. Furthermore, through the use of special document templates, you can infinitely customise the appearance and content of e-mails, labels, cost estimates and more.

Reliable, tested solution

At the time of its initial commercial release, ContactsLaw is backed up by 5 years of active deployment at multiple Western Australian law firms. This period of collaborative development with industry has enabled extensive testing, work-shopping and growth of the product. This places ContactsLaw in a superior position when compared with initial releases of its competitors.

You can rest easy in the knowledge that ContactsLaw is a tried and tested solution at the forefront of legal practice management software.

Get software support when you need it

Unlike some practice management software, support for ContactsLaw doesn’t end once the system has been installed at your firm; Overtech Technologies is there to provide you with the support, training and troubleshooting you need:

  • The wiki is your first line of support – Benefit from a broad knowledgebase that is constantly growing and regularly updated. With content from developers, staff and users, you’re likely to find the answer you’re looking for.
  • We know our product and we can help – At Overtech, your support enquiries are handled by the same people who designed and built ContactsLaw. We have an intimate knowledge of the product and urgent issues will usually receive a same-or-next-day response. In addition to direct support, we run seminars, training and feedback sessions with our customers.

ContactsLaw is under active development – This means that we are constantly improving the product; solving problems, enhancing features, adding new functionality. More importantly, it means that we’re not going anywhere; Overtech and ContactsLaw are here for the long haul.

Deploy quickly and painlessly

ContactsLaw deploys to client machines via Overtech’s Distributed Deployment Model (DDM), a software distribution and licensing system built on Microsoft’s ClickOnce technology. A hybrid solution, it combines the universal support and ease-of-use of ClickOnce deployment with the power of a customised, 3-tier system that adds licensing, personalisation and administrative functionality.

Each site’s application server downloads a personalised copy of ContactsLaw from Overtech’s secure deployment web service, along with its licenses. Client machines simply visit an intranet URL to install ContactsLaw, which thereafter updates automatically from the application server.

With ContactsLaw, there is no need to wrangle Windows Installer, domain policy or your IT staff in order to deploy and manage the software on your network.