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Created by lawyers, for lawyers

ContactsLaw is the revolutionary legal practice management software designed by practising Australian lawyers for Australian legal practices.

ContactsLaw is designed through lawyers’ eyes – not accountants or programmers.

Broad scope, tight integration

ContactsLaw is a single software package that provides complete practice management and facilities all day-to-day operations in a law firm.

It does so in a centralised, highly-cohesive and integrated manner.

Powerful and simple

ContactsLaw builds on the latest Microsoft tools and technologies. It is totally new in concept and design.

It is .NET-based, and fully integrated with the Microsoft suite of business products including Office, SharePoint and SQL Server.

Improve your productivity and profit

Redeploy your receptionist
Your computer dials your call, announces callers, journals conversations and records your time.

Affidavits in half the time
Cross-reference annexures, create an index and paginate your document automatically.

Minimise your audit fees
Electronically request a cheque, obtain authorisation and process payment with the transaction linked to supporting documentation.

The power of one document
See how cataloguing a document triggers a series of processes, kickstarting work on your file.

Turn Wills into widgets
Our smart form enables you to take instructions, create a file, generate the Will and bill the file in a single consultation.

Fly your files on autopilot
Use automated process models to optimise productivity and mandate best practice.

Discover profit in Disclosure
Learn how to build a list of documents and verifying affidavit in a fraction of the time.

Integrate with InfoTrack
Search online databases and seamlessly bill the cost to your client.

News and features

Revolutionary Practice Management SoftwareRevolutionary Practice Management Software
A collaboration of lawyers and software engineers leveraging Microsoft® technologies uniting CRM, documents, matters and accounting into a whole-of-life practice solution.
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How I built ContactsLawHow I built revolutionary software for lawyers
From the day that I joined ContactsLaw as a graduate software engineer in 2006, I was embedded in a local law firm and tasked to find a turnkey software solution for its operations.
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ContactsLaw comes to SydneyContactsLaw comes to Sydney
ContactsLaw has been nominated for the InfoTrack Client Centricity Awards 2016. These prestigious awards recognise excellence in client services and customer experience in the legal and accounting industries.
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Anatomy of a fileAnatomy of a file
Files are the engine room of every law firm. If ContactsLaw has sufficient information about a contact to treat it as a client, it will not demand the same data twice when a file is created.
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Anatomy of a contactAnatomy of a contact
Contacts are the foundation on which ContactsLaw is built. Everyone with whom the firm has contact (however incidental) becomes a contact.
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Process modellingProcess modelling
Process models enable users to map the life cycle of a file in a particular workgroup. Each process model consists of a series of milestones that create work items for a file. Each work item represents the work that must be completed for that file.
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Microsoft integrationMicrosoft integration
Building on the latest Microsoft development tools, ContactsLaw is totally new in concept and design. It is built on the .Net framework 4.5 and fully integrates with the Microsoft suite of business products including Office, SharePoint and SQL Server.
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